"Only in the silence beyond the words you can find yourself"

5 - 7 Aprile, 2019

Il Labirinto del Drago

Seminario Intensivo di Mindfulness

Claudio Corbelli is a Transpersonal Counsellor, a Meditation and Tai Chi Instructor and also a PhD Biologist. 

He recently designed and completed the Mindfultrail

a one-year journey to share mindfulness across the Americas from Canada to Argentina.   

During this project he offered workshops that joined mindfulness, tai chi and counselling, with the intent to leave behind  a trail of mindfulness.

Claudio continues now to bring mindfulness through personal counselling,  tai chi classes and mindfulness retreats in Italy and abroad.  


"Some years ago I had a terrible car accident that left me with problems of balance, walking and talking. Studying tai chi with Claudio has been helping me out a lot, and I feel a lot stronger now.

I feel good about having a regular life now and being comfortable with people in social situations again."


Tai chi student

Siena, Italy

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Inquiries or book a session:

For any inquiries or to schedule a counselling session or to participate in a tai chi or mindfulness seminar, please send a message to: 


Claudio Corbelli



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