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Holistic Teacher Workshop 

Mindfulness, Tai Chi and Transpersonal Counselling
For improving teaching effectiveness 

2985 Oxford Street, Halifax, NS, Canada

September 10, 2016 
12:00 - 3:00pm 
Seminar for holistic practitioners, body workers, therapists, dancers or anyone interest in refining skills for working with others, relating in a more effective way, and developing more energy to maintain personal health and be a more effective teacher. 

Have you ever wondered how to be a more effective teacher or therapist?

How to find a balance between helping too much or too little?

Do you know if you are helping or interfering with the growth process of your students? 

Are you always attracting energy vampires or super enthusiastic but uncommitted students?

Do you often experience burn-out? 

In this practical workshop we will explore the relationship teacher/student, practitioner/client, 

the drawbacks of expectations, 

how to be in the flow,

how to establish healthy boundaries, 

and how to ask yourself the right questions to be an effective teacher.  

$50 seminar tuition
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