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Inner Essence Workshop

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3 days of Tai Chi, Mindfulness and Transpersonal Counselling
72 Grapevine Road, Wenham, MA 01984, USA

October 7-9, 2016 
Next event at Floating Lotus in Gloucester, MA
October Tuesday 11th  

Tai chi, mindfulness and transpersonal counselling. An integrated approach to help you tap into your natural essence. For mental-health professionals, therapists, holistic teachers, or anybody interested in experiencing themselves in a deeper way.

Tai chi (body work). Develop and experience energy through chi kung and push-hand sensing. Experience deeper relaxation. Let go of your body tension.

Meditation (mind work). Develop presence through basic concentration and insight practices. Drop your story - find the essence. Be happy to be no one. Let go of your mental tension. 

Counselling (emotional work). Honour your story. Get to know the pain body. Offer the gift of presence. Let go of your emotional tension.

This workshop will help you let go of tension and develop more energy, make friends with the internal critic, stop carrying other people's weight, become better at relating with others, learn how to accept your shadow and develop a new perspective on mental health.

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