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"In the space of unconditional acceptance
you are finally free to be yourself"

Mindfulness Counselling is a type of Transpersonal Counselling that helps clients find the resources

they need to deal with difficult life situations.  


In the safe environment of the healing relationship clients can explore the issues they are dealing with and develop the awareness needed to face them. 


This type of counselling is also useful during existential crises and for self-discovery.


You can learn Mindfulness techniques and acquire tools that you can later use on our own. 

This is a short-term approach to deal with specific life issues (generally about 20 sessions).

Mindfulness Counselling can be helpful for :

- family issues 

- dealing with an illness 

- work problems

- life changes

- burn out

- break ups and relationship issues

- additions and eating disorders

- bereavement

- and more 



Live sessions in Siena (Italy) or through Skype. 

(sessions last 1 hr)

Claudio is a Certified Transpersonal Counsellor who graduated in 2015

from a 3-year program with the Mindfulness Project School, in Milan, Italy.

He has also volunteered in a center for people in psychiatric distress for about 10 years,

where he has been offering counseling to social workers and family members of service users. 

He is also running intensive retreats for compulsive eaters. 


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"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change"

Carl Rogers

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