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This is a weekend workshop that Claudio offered on the road and that joined tai chi, mindfulness meditation and transpersonal counselling 

Using his experience, Claudio combined these practices in an integrated approach to help people tap into their natural essence. 

The three approaches:


  1. Tai chi (body work). Develop and experience energy through chi kung. Energy ball and energy push. Push-hand sensing. Experience deeper relaxation. Let go of body tension.

  2. Meditation (mind work). Develop presence through basic concentration and insight practices. Drop the story - find the essence. Be happy to be no one. Let go of mental tension.

  3. Counselling (emotional work). Honour your story. Get to know the pain body. Offer the gift of presence. Let go of emotional tension.


The workshop generally started with a 2 hr Friday evening presentation and practice, and continued with two 2.5-hrs sessions Saturday and Sunday


The workshop intent was to help let go of tension and tap into our natural energy supply,

make friend with the internal narrator, stop carrying other people's weight and the need to be somebody different, become better at relating with others,

accept our shadow, and

develop a new perspective on mental health.

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