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Ten Things I Learned on the Trail

1. Starting something is the hardest thing. Once you start, the going gets easier.

(Rome, Italy)

2. A good journey is a balance between having a direction and being flexible.

(East Coast Trail, Newfoundland, Canada)

3. The world is a safe place, 99% of interaction with people are good and helpful.

(Cuzco, Perù)

4. No matter where you are, human needs are the same: food, housing, health, safety, family.

(Quetzaltenango, Guatemala)

5. The only way to stop fearing others is to help them being happy.

(New Brunswick, Canada)

6. You can push yourself a lot further than you think.

(Rainbow Mountain, Perù, 5,100m)

7. Travelling is not running away from yourself, because your mind follows you everywhere, but the quality of your thoughts is also determined by where you are.

(Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia, 3500m).

8. Nothing is going to be the way you imagine it.

(Salkantay Trail, Perù, 3600m)

9. Spending time alone is the best antidote for loneliness.

(Sebastien Mountain, Pucon, Chile, 2000m)

10. Everything in nature moves. If you do not change, you are left behind.

(Perito Moreno Glaciar, Argentina)

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