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"The soft overcomes the hard,

the flexible defeats the rigid,

everybody knows this truth,

but only few can put it into practice"                                              Tao Te Ching

Tai Chi Chuan is an internal martial art that Chinese people have been practicing for centuries in order to reach and maintain a state of mental, emotional and physical well-being

It is based on the Yin and Yang principles, training the body in harmony with nature.


Awareness of oneself and opponent's energies is at its core. 

Typical benefits of the practice include a calmer mind, a more flexible body, better coordination and balance, and more vital energy (chi).  

It is possible to take part in courses in Siena, schedule a private class or organise an intensive in Italy or abroad, including Tai chi Forms, Chi Kung, and Push Hands. 

Sessions can be provided in Italian, English, or Spanish. 

Claudio is a Certified Senior Instructor of the Alex Dong International Taijiquan Association

and he has been practicing tai chi since 2002.  

He regularly studies with Master Alex Dong, and he has been offering classes and workshops  

in Italy and abroad.  

Schedule a class or a workshop. 


"The hard and rigid is the disciple of death, the soft and flexible is the disciple of life"

                                                                                                                 Tao Te Ching


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