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"Some years ago I had a terrible car accident that left me with problems of balance, walking and talking. In order to heal, after rehab in the hospital, I tried other several activities like swimming, ago-puncture, logopedia, physiotherapy and yoga. The last one I got involved with was the beautiful art of tai chi. Studying tai chi with Claudio has been helping me out a lot, and I am really happy because I feel a lot stronger at this point. I feel good about having a regular life now and being comfortable with people in social situations again."

Stefania, Tai chi student

Siena, Italy



"When I came to counselling I was in a stormy sea of difficult emotions because of life and family situations. Working with Claudio I managed to see things in a different way, quieting down my troubled feelings, reconnecting with myself, and arriving to a new awareness. I was then able to take things as they came, and my sense of guilt diminished. I feel I was lucky to be referred to Claudio, he can surely transmit his passion for what he does and I think he is a beautiful person, inside and outside."

Lucrezia, Counselling client

Siena, Italy


"I will always remember what I learned working with Claudio. Through Counselling he was able to get right to the heart of my difficulties, and help me see my own internal blocks.

He is warm, engaging, and insightful. I highly recommend!"

                                    Caroline Feig

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

Brooklyn, NY, USA


"When I started meditating some years ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I was curious and my sister easily persuaded me to try it. 

Claudio made me feel at home immediately. He was a sensitive meditation teacher: he didn’t care too much about the details of the way we dressed or we sat. We were there to be aware of ourselves and share our feelings: we relaxed and breathed, no words were needed to understand each other’s emotions. The most important thing for him was the way we felt, and I felt very good!

What I I found surprising was that I could just sit, breathe and relax, all my usual mess so far away.  Every night, after meditation, I had great colourful dreams, I think that reflected the peacefulness I felt. Driving to work, walking to the supermarket or meeting a person, everything around me felt so lively: the trees, the people, the animals, and almost just about everything. 

I can say that I do not feel like the same person I was before meeting Claudio. He gave me a great present: he taught me how to pay attention to the present moment, to people, even to the trivial things I was so used to ignore. It was like a new beginning for me. 

The “old me” still comes out from time to time, but I have now learned to accept my weaknesses and the things I cannot change, without feeling guilty or depressed.

I am still learning… I am not a perfect person: but I definitely feel more free."

Valentina, Meditation student

Siena, Italy

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