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The purpose of the trip was to share mindfulness.

In addition to offering the workshops Claudio's idea was to connect with locals in a meaningful way, learning about their lives, exchanging ideas, sharing viewpoints and mindfulness practices, and meeting up with tai chi and meditation groups.


His testimonials can be found on the website blog and on the facebook page. 


He tried to connect with others, one consciousness at the time


Trip  Started on July 7th , 2016

        Finished on July 25th, 2017

The itinerary included:


July and August - Newfoundland, Canada
September - Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Canada 
October - East Coast USA
November - Colorado and New Mexico USA
December - California, USA
January - Mexico
February - Guatemala
March - Nicaragua and Costarica
April - Perù and Bolivia
May - Chile
June - Argentina

July - Brazil


Means of transport included planes (just 4), buses (lots), cars (just few), trains, ferries, hitch hiking, cycling and walking. 

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