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A Mindful Tale

I started my career as a biologist and i had fun doing research on whales: I love animals, and I love being outdoor. I also always wanted to contribute to environmental conservation.

But at some point I felt that only working on animals as a researcher was not enough. I felt that I had a better chance at doing something by working directly on the environment’s main threat. Us. Nature has no problems, animals are just fine, apart from our impact. We are animal’s and earth’s problem.

So I realised that life was calling me in a different direction. I packed my things in the Usa and moved back to Italy to open a tai chi school, and dedicated myself to an inner path of self-discovery through martial arts, meditation and later by studying transpersonal counselling. I have done this for ten years, and I feel now that I have developed an intuition for helping other people to connect with their true nature: to experience their inner being. I feel now that I need to offer what I can do best, but in a larger scale.

More mindful people, able to live in presence, have a better chance at reconnecting with themselves, with each other and with the environment.

We have to understand that the earth is not our home. We are not just inhabiting it. The earth is us. What we do to the the earth we do to ourselves, what we do to ourselves we do to the earth.

After living in North America for ten years, I have made a lot of connections with like-minded people. So I decided, there is where I will begin... and then continue on.

I’d like to connect the people I know, and their friends (and their friends of friends, hopefully), or anybody interested, in a shared practice. A trail of mindfulness to help us remember our sanity and honour our connection.

Here is the idea of the Mindfultrail Project.

One year from North to South America. From Canada to Argentina, practicing and sharing what I love to do and what I think is important.

What will it happen? I do not know. This, I feel, is the best spot from where to start.

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