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Bicameral Politics and Darwin

The world has been taken aback by the recent American election.

How can the most powerful nation on earth elect such a person?

Simple. Every nation deserves their own leader, as the saying goes.

So Trump represent the prevailing American consciousness at this moment

(well, he did not win the popular vote, so this is not entirely correct).

Matter of factly, the political system and the collective consciousness allowed this to emerge.

Leaders do not come from outer space (maybe he does?),

they come from the same place as the electors.

What does Trump tell us of the American Society? He allowed us to see the dark of this society.

The disowned shadow, chastised by the religious imperatives of being good, suppressed by the puritan thoughts on which America was funded.

What was repressed for so long, was now allowed to come in the open.

People can now feel entitled be racist, misogynist, greedy, angry, etc.

Psychologically, the realisation of what is repressed is the first step for recovery. But the shadow has to be integrated, not simply expressed, as any true psychological or spiritual teaching would tell you.

Anger without mindfulness, is just destructive anger.

Fear without awareness, is dangerous.

Will see in time, if the American consciousness will be able to integrate constructively what has come out of the Pandora box.

Trump was elected because of an emotional vote, a protest vote, where people showed that were fed up with the political situation. People saw in him somebody outside of the system, somebody who could shake the status quo.

This also seems the case in other situations, such as the emergence of the “Cinque Stelle” Party in Italy or the Brexit vote in England.

Adolescent angry reactions to the ruling parents.

It was an interesting time to be in America, watching the debates, the news, the TV commentators, and talking to people. I could not help but see that the time has come to chance the system.

We have to give up the way politics is done altogether. It is outdated.

It is not in service of the people anymore.

It is only in service of the ego.

It is based on resistance. It is based on the bicameral mind. Founded on two opposing forces. On duality. Left and Right. All energy lost in friction.

Trump and Hillary fighting like teenagers. You are crooked, you are stupid.

Modern politics is based on divisions, on one side winning, the other one losing.

We do not realise that we are all on the same boat.

I still remember the sad images in Italy, when the government fell for the umpteenth time, the politicians of the opposing party celebrating with champagne in Parliament.

It is should have been a sad day for everybody, realising we were once again unable to govern ourselves. Instead it was time to cheer!

Modern politicians are not there to lead anymore, are only there to affirm a vision of the world. A Form Identity. Right or Left. Conservative or Progressive.

In America Republicans and Democrats.

So for a few years you have one side governing and you do the interest of a portion of the population, then maybe you get fed up and you switch and you do the interest of somebody else.

For a while you are rigid and you preserve things, next mandate you become more progressive and you change them.

This is totally removed from reality. This is not what Nature does.

This is not how evolution works (well some even deny it…).

Evolution keeps what works and discards what does not.

For example the structure of the eye is so good that has been practically adopted by all higher animals, and not only that, it seems that it has evolved twice in the same way.

(the human eye, and the octopus eye)

But having legs in the ocean does not make sense anymore, and for whales, all is left of the lower appendices is two floating vestigial bones where the hips used to be.

Legs only slow you down in water, they create drag.

So it does when you keep something that is not useful anymore.

Adaptation, is the only way to survive.

If you do not, you go extinct.

At this point in time, humanity qualifies for the “Darwin Awards”, stupid people that put themselves out of the gene pool.

Because it is not by preserving everything or by changing everything that you evolve.

Natural organisms are supple and they harmonise with the circumstances. Sometimes you have to preserve, sometimes you have to change.

When humans take their main sense of identity in thoughts, they automatically get stuck in dichotomy, and they can only see things in black or white.

The political system, which is just a creation of the bicameral mind, naturally reflects it.

We need to go further.

We need to see things from a larger perspective, from the space of awareness where black and white are two sides of the same coin, and neither of them is the whole thing.

We need to step out of the bicameral mind, into the space of consciousness where things manifest, where you can see things for what they are.

Only then we will become able to preserve what works without labelling ourself conservatives,

and change what does not, without calling ourself progressives.

Nobody else does this in nature but us.

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